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I now understand why Verizon dumped this company, the product did its job but to find out we have to pay 9 dollars each time is false advertising "free life time warranty" I would suggest buying on amazon for half the price for the same one by this company.

Quantum Liquid Screen Protector - $250 Protection
Alex Morris
Skeptical at first but...

This really works , just put it on my pixel7pro, smooth finish and super responsive.


It would be great if someone, anyone, from this company ACTUALLY got back to you. I have emailed MULTIPLE times without so much as a response of any kind. Horrible.

Great service great product

I’ve gone through a few screen protectors because I’m a bit rough on my iPhone. Fortress Screen Protectors are my go/to!

Wrong size

Tried to return for refund and did not get a response.

iPhone SE/8/7 Screen Protector


Nice to have a new screen protector after mine got scratched up at work. Thank you!

Not enough adhesive in one corner

For the most part, everything worked out ok installing the screen protector. The only issue is that in the upper left hand corner there wasn’t enough adhesive and that corner doesn’t stay on the iPhone screen.

Works Great Thank You


I never received my lens protector and I have submitted multiple support tickets/emails with no response........ I ordered one for me and one for my wifes 12 pro max. They seemed to have messed up and gave a a 14 pro screen protector??? Not even the right model and not a lens protector

Screen protector offer

Fit and function were spot on. Thanks

Warranty Replacement Program
Ain’t scamming me
Thanks for the TIP! $2.99 on AMAZON!

Thanks for the tip from the other reviewer, can confirm less than half price, only. $2.99 on Amazon. FREE LIFETIME WARRANTY THAT CHARGES $8.99 per REPLACEMENT? Talk about a scam, won’t be giving my money at all to this scammer company. FUNK THAT

Recieved the wrong items

The 12 Pro Max Lens protector is great BUT I also ordered a 14 Pro Max lens protector and NEVER received it. I received a 12 Pro Max screen Protector instead????????? I have reached out to the support email THREE TIMES AND NEVER GOT A RESPONSE. Upset.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Screen Protector - $ 200 Protection

Scratch on Screen Protector before putting on iPhone

Unfortunately after putting on the screen protector, looking at it closely, there is a scratch on the side that sticks to the ikphone screen.

Great screen protector!

Easy to install, I love my Fortress screen protectors! The day after I installed my new protector, I dropped my phone on rocky cement. Thank you Fortress for saving my screen! Glad I have a backup; I'll be ordering two more now. :)

Quantum Liquid Screen Protector - $250 Protection
Shanice Torry
Works great

I’ve had this liquid screen protector on my phone for 3 years and it still looks brand new. This is by far the best screen protector purchase I have ever made. I have dropped my phone face down several time and have no cracks or damage.

Easy to put on iphone

This screen protector was easy to put on and works great.

Screen protector

Happy with recent screen protectors I have had. The warranty on them helps me a lot if by chance they get broke. Thank you for a great product

You sent wrong unit

Wrong unit

Free Screen or Camera Protector


FORTRUSS iPhone 13 Pro Screen Protector
FROM: David J Di Cocco 719/888-0297
1114 Berglind Rd
CO Springs, CO 80920

You did not fulfill my order for 3+1 screen protectors. I received 1 protector even though I paid the $29.99. If I did not qualify for the 3+1 offer I still should have received 3 protector not JUST ONE.

Very upset on-line customer,
David J Di Cocco

There needs to be a thing to get rid of the bubbles in the package. It was hard to get rid of them.

Free Screen or Camera Protector

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