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I now understand why Verizon dumped this company, the product did its job but to find out we have to pay 9 dollars each time is false advertising "free life time warranty" I would suggest buying on amazon for half the price for the same one by this company.

Quantum Liquid Screen Protector - $250 Protection
Alex Morris
Skeptical at first but...

This really works , just put it on my pixel7pro, smooth finish and super responsive.

Customer Service Number

Does anyone know the customer service number for Fortress??

Full screen day may 8

Did not get frame and protector does not cover full screen for Iphone11 as expected.

Peace of mind

This lens protector makes you feel like your camera can withstand some scratches and cracks that will not hamper the function of the camera. The only trouble we had was actually getting the previous protector off. But, the new one goes on seamlessly and stays securely in place.

Easy to install

Easy to install.
This protector does exactly whst I need it to😁

iPhone 13 Screen Protector

Excellent service

Easy to request products and fast delivery!

It’s great!

I’ve used Fortress Screen Protectors for a while now and I really like them. They do a great job protecting the actual phone and the replacement program is really great - I’ve had a string of back luck hitting my phone and breaking the protector! TG it’s the protector and NOT the phone!


My phone feel so safe with this screen protector


Never received it., new order was in.

Thanks. All was good

Free Screen Protector or Camera Protector (Just Pay Shipping)

Samsung Galaxy A42/A42 5G Screen Protector - $200 Protection

Application issues

I have had to purchase several of these. They break incredibly easy. Like…wayyyyyy to easy. And even if you buy the version with the applicator tool it still goes on poorly. I follow the instructions to a T and there are always bubbles or debris etc. it overall does the trick but not really how it’s advertised in my opinion

Great protection

Great product

I Thought It Was a Great Idea……

I thought this was a great idea. It fit perfectly and was easy to put on. Last night, I dropped my phone and the lens protecter fell off. It was still sticky so I stuck it back on. I thought to myself, if I had dropped it outside, I might not have been able to find it.

Free Screen or Camera Protector

Great case

Better than I expected

Great screen protector & easy to install.

terrible service, do not purchase anything from this company

I submitted a claim for a cracked screen and Dec 6th 2023 and I have not heard a word from this company. I sent to many emails to count. I have also have Verizon try to help me and I have not had any results.

Bad screen protector

Was cracked when it arrived

Love the new screen. Feels like a new phone

Fast shipping

Fast, free shipping on U.S. warranty orders. Same-day fulfillment on business days.

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