Fortress was founded by a small group, all from the wireless accessory industry, who wanted to do something a little different. We wanted to create a transparent, innovative, and customer first company.

A HUGE part of that is out Fortress OATH program. Our products protect very personal and important devices, and while we offer a standard replacement warranty, we wanted to hold ourselves to a higher standard by guaranteeing our products protect as advertised.

From time to time the “unexpected” sneaks one past us and manages to damage something we protect. Luckily, the chances of that are slim. But even if it does, Fortress gives you our OATH that we will help make it right and reimburse up to $200 of the repair cost for the screen of your device.

  • $200 across all products is enough coverage to handle over 77% of all repairs*
  • $200 covers even the highest carrier insurance deductible 
  • Keep it simple. When you hear OATH, you know it’s $200 of coverage. This also helps us give you a better price, consistency is king!

*Data provided by 


  • Fortress OATH products must be registered within 30 days of purchase
  • Sales receipt must be uploaded as proof of purchase


  • Keep your registration card with PIN, it is necessary to verify registration
  • Do not remove your Fortress screen protector from the device before making a claim. This is another form of verification.

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